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A User’s Guide to Insight Articles

I have been writing my regular bi-monthly column Insight for Insurance Advocate magazine for two years now.  My focus has been on the regulatory scene, particularly aimed at New York but also at National and International issues.  I also post pdf copies of these column’s on the Publications page of my website.  I have noted, however, that in my penchant for clever titles, it is not all that easy to know the topic of a particular column.  After two years, even I cannot always remember what a particular column is about without re-reading it, which is not a very user friendly approach.  So I am now adding a brief description of the topic covered following the title for each column.  Even if these descriptions do not help or interest you in the enjoyment of my musings, I find them very helpful to me, so that counts for something.  You can check out all my columns and all my other articles and publications here.  I hope you can find a topic of interest!