Links of Interest

Following are links to some helpful web sites focusing on insurance and reinsurance arbitrations, insurance legislation and regulation, and insurance guaranty funds:


ARIAS-U.S., an organization created to promote improvements in the insurance and reinsurance arbitration process, including the development of procedures and the certification of qualified arbitrators and umpires (Peter Bickford is an ARIAS-US certified arbitrator and umpire)

Reinsurance Association of America, the largest reinsurance trade group, which also maintains a list of arbitrators for reinsurance disputes

Legislation and Regulation

The New York Department of Financial Services maintains a web site with extensive information for consumers and others interested in the activities of the regulators and for both the insurance and banking industires, including access to recently promulgated regulations, opinions and pronouncements.

Through the New York State Legislature web site it is possible to access the entirety of the Consolidated Statutes of New York, including the Insurance Law, as well as the ability to follow the status of new or pending legislation.

The web site of the National Association of Insurance Commisioners provides information on issues of concern to insurance regulators on a national level, and includes links to all member state’s insurance regulators.

Insurance and Guaranty Funds

Each state has statutorily created insurance guaranty funds, both for life and for property/casualty business. Most of these funds are members of either the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds for property/casualty funds, or the National Organization of Life & Health Guaranty Associations for life and health funds. These sites have extensive information on state statutes and workings of the funds of the various states:

National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds

National Organization of Life & Health Guaranty Associations