Insurance Exchange Update

March 28, 2008

Because of the recent interest in reviving the insurance exchange in New York, and the numerous requests I have received for materials on the old New York Insurance Exchange, I have posted a new section of articles, studies and publications relating to the old Exchange to my website. these materials can be accessed at

One of the articles at this site is my 2004 article presented at a Practicing Law Institute seminar on run-offs and commutations, “What Ever happened to the New York Insurance Exchange (and why do we care?).” In that article I stated that the Exchange’s Security Fund’s plan for the distribution of about $81.8 million against obligations of $112.5 million had been approved by the Court in February 2004, but that no distribution had been made under the plan as of the date of the article in November 2004. Several people have asked whether a distrbution was ever made. the answer is yes, but it required some pressure to accomplish.

In December 2004, I brought a further motion before the Court to force the Security Fund to comply with its own plan and distribute the funds available for distribution immediately. As a result of this motion, in early January 2005 the Security Fund made a distribution of $81.6 million, or 72.05% of approved claims. this was followed in June 2005 with a second and final distribution of an additional $4.1 million, or 5.29%, to the same claimants. Following these distributions, which constituted substantially all of the assets of the Security Fund less administrative and closing expenses and reserves, the Security Fund filed a final report with the Court. the Court approved the final report and discharged the Security Fund from any further obligations to claimants in May 2006.

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