The Need for a US Syndicated Capital Facility for Insurance Risks

January 19, 2012

Last week AON announced it is moving its headquarters to London “to be closer to Lloyd’s” among other considerations.  Today Bermuda announced a 50% increase in new insurer registrations, with the largest jump in special purpose insurers. These recent headlines underscore the value to insurance risk bearers, investors and consumers of the flexibility that a strong, well-conceived syndicated capital facility can bring to the marketplace. How sad that the US has no domestic answer to these continued defections of market makers and investors. How sad that we do not have a single existing market for syndicated insurance capital that could compete to keep our domestic business home.

A plan exists to create such a market, of course (See New York Insurance Risk Exchange Plan) but it needs the spotlight of savvy and forward-thinking regulators and industry leadership to make it a reality.  The current market tightening and the widening search for intelligent capacity should signal that the time is now as never before for such a facility. 

What do you think?

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